Friday, February 12, 2016

Chevron Trestle Card Table

Those white stripes got me like…
Here is one custom refinished piece I know you all will love!

I got this piece from a customer back in the spring, she told me how her dad had tried to refinish it but as we all know, life happens…and he never got to finish the project. So she came to us!

Justine, my customer, told me about her style and gave us full reigns to refinish the table how we wanted to, and boy that got my wheels spinning! We artists typically don’t come across customers that will give us full reign to do a piece how we want; there are usually limitations and specific needs. So when we do finally get to use our creativity to the fullest, great things will prosper.

Justine had sent me a few pictures of her home and some other pieces of furniture that had been refinished. The thing that stood out to me the most was the two toned character in one of the furniture pieces and the home décor she had on the walls….arrows. That’s the where the chevron pattern and two toned custom stain came from, the table just so happened to have a rectangular outline on the top so I knew it would fit perfectly.

When I went to pick up this poor little table it was LITERALLY falling apart on us, but I told them not to worry about it. That’s nothing some little wood glue and my nail gun can’t handle ;) Once I got it all put back together and cracks filled I started slapping on my favorite paint (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint).

Just check out the process>>>>>

That mint color was absolutely beautiful; the problem I came across was it was flaking off bad. So it needed to be removed or painted over.

But as I distressed the Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I let the mint peak through which gave this table even more character and interest!

Justine had also informed me that they had brown couches but gray décor; they were eventually switching everything over into cool tones. I wanted to make sure that it would fit all of her open floor home as their dining room was right next to their living room.
So I tested out a custom stain design on a few pieces of wood and eventually found a great medium between the dark walnut stain and the gray stain, almost feathering the gray in to make the table look distressed and old barn style colors.

Then the fun part started! Which included a lot of math, and planning out. By the way, if you are wondering what type of tape to use and prevent bleeds then try out the “Blue Scotch Edge Lock” tape. I haven’t had any issues with paint bleeding under the Edge Lock tape, which really cuts back on time and cleaning up the details.

Look! No bleeds! >>>>>>

I then distressed the white chevron a bit to break up the sharp lines and went over everything with Annie Sloan Clear and Dark Wax, giving it an aged effect.

Here is the table in her home, look at how well it goes with her china cabinet! LOVE IT!!!!
The sides of the table slide out when you need more room, such a cute and handy little piece! This table was really hard to give back to Justine lol I loved it too much ;)

Check out the before and after transformation again!!

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Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, what’s the best turquoise of them all?

Hahaha I had too..

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!
I know I did with all of this beautiful weather; we completed a lot of projects we've been needing to do! So there will be lots of updated photos on our social media accounts, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and of course our website.

We found this heavy duty mirror at an auction a while back and had neglected it until this weekend; we turned its awesome detail features into an incredible refinished piece.

This mirror was hard to let go, just check out the before and after!

I used Florence in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and a light distressing technique to make all those beautiful details pop!

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 Ohhh gosh.. look at that hottie hahaha Safety first...Uggs second.

Hello Herringbone♡!

Hello Beautiful!!
This little table was like every other piece I find.. dirty.. ugly.. and trashed out. But luckily I got this piece at a great price…FREE!! I mean, who can turn down free stuff that you know has great bones and could be a knockout piece when you get finished. Obviously not this chick ;)

Before..look at that ugly top

The top had a thick piece of Formica that was falling apart, and I hated to tear the top completely off and lose the sturdiness, plus painting over the chipped Formica wasn’t going to turn out to be the best looking piece so why not just cover the problem!
Finished Herringbone top stained in Annie Sloan's
Soft Dark Wax

One of the easiest tools to use is my nail gun!
I got these wooden sticks when my mom and I went junkin' out of an old barn, they had lots of water damage and age to them. I found inspiration off my Pinterest page to make a pattern on top with the wood, so I started measuring and cutting. As I slowly started to see the herringbone pattern form I was already falling in love with it.

I decided to keep this little gem because it would match my house perfectly. You could say I have a slight obsession with Joanna Gaine’s style (but really, who doesn't?!), I love the mix between rustic, farmhouse, chateau and adding elements of color throughout the house. My husband and I are hunters so we have a lot of deer heads and antlers spaced throughout my décor, I’m not into the cliché hunting themed décor so I mix in our own personal style to mesh well with the antlers. It is possible ladies!!

Before and After of the Herringbone Table
So with that being said I decided to keep the top a wood tone and make the bottom a layered chippy look. I did 4 different techniques that I teach in our Chalk Paint® Classes:
  1. Staining wood with Chalk Paint®
  2. Creating Texture
  3. Color Wash Technique
  4. Dry Brushing!
All of these techniques with just Chalk Paint®!! I thought this would be a great demonstration piece to show people why Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is so much more than just decorative paint!

My color choice was a combination of French Linen, Country Grey, and Chateau Grey.
Creating Texture with Chalk Paint®, you can see the finished
product isn't flat paint.
  • I first started with French Linen Chalk Paint®, I used the paint to create a heavy texture since I was looking for a more authentic aged piece.
  • After using the pulling method with French Linen, I went on to color wash the Country Grey on top. When I did, I used a rag and it actually distressed the piece letting the dark under color show through.
  • Once I was done with the color wash method, I started to dry brush (very lightly) Chateau Grey to almost give an aged effect and let the created texture really pop.
  • After the paint was dried, I then used Clear and Dark Soft Wax by Annie Sloan. I applied the dark wax in the grooves and edges but not heavily. I didn't want the piece to be too dark since I was going to stain the top. Remember that contrasting your colors will make things really pop, and I wanted that herringbone top to POP! ;)

Color Wash with Country Grey over French Linen Chalk Paint®
Dry Brush Technique with Chateau Grey Chalk Paint®

My worm hole distressing tool!

For the herringbone top, I distressed with my own custom made "worm hole tool" lol which as you can see consisted in a board with nails sticking out on one side... lol I'm really crafty here. If you need help making this tool (its great for distressing) just take a nail gun with 2" or longer nails and nail them through a small 1"x2" board. I also used a hammer and chain to add more distressing. 

Scraping on Chateau Grey Chalk Paint® and then
Annie Sloan's Soft Dark Wax applied directly to raw wood.


Once I got my frustration out on the top, I went on to "scrape" some Chateau Grey Chalk Paint® on the top to make the top coordinate a little more with the bottom. I used my handy dandy scraper I got from Ace Hardware (I use this tool on everything! Even distressing edges on pieces), and applied a small amount of paint to the scraper and just sparingly hit the edges of the wood.

I then let the Chalk Paint® dry, and grabbed my cheap chip brush and Dark Soft Wax by Annie Sloan. Taking my chip brush and very generously applying the dark wax directly onto the raw wood. This in return stained the wood a beautiful color, and gave it a great top sealer.
I love using Annie's Wax & Chalk Paint® on my pieces because it keeps hardening over time make the pieces very durable and if I get dirt or a pen mark on my piece I can simply use a little wax and wipe off the mark! How easy is that?! Plus, to clean all I need is mild soap and water, no more expensive and smelly aerosols.

I get all of my painting supplies at Lemons and Lace Marketplace in Canton, OK. We have even had the privilege of using our 5+years of experience and hosting Chalk Paint® classes to teach our customers and community more about Annie's products.
If you're not located in Oklahoma then check out Annie's website to find your local stockist!

Come see us all of our items at LLM, or follow us on social media to take advantage of items before they make it to the store! We deliver to the Weatherford area, and will be putting in a booth very soon!

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Furniture with a French Farmhouse Twist

Here are a few of our pieces done in a french cottage style, all of them are two toned and match perfectly together! Find them at our store in Canton, OK at Lemons and Lace Marketplace!

 This Bassett China cabinet is refinished in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax. We customized a color from Old White and CoCo, while adding details to give this piece more character! Find out more details on this piece here.

This marble top end table certainly caught my eye at an auction back in the spring, no one wanted the poor thing! All I could do was imagine how beautiful it would be refinished in a two toned color to make those ornate details stand out and the marble top pop! 

This tilt top table was neglected so poorly it was falling apart on us. But that didn't scare us! We are pretty handy with our nail guns, wood putty, and wood glue. :) 
I painted it in a two toned color with Old white and French Linen  (LOVE THAT COLOR!), added a little design to the top to give it the French/Paris/Farmhouse feel, then I used ASCP clear wax. I'm happy it turned out to look so good!

My mom refinished this little chair in ASCP Old White and reupholstered the seat to give it a more up to date look. (She's the skilled one when it comes to sewing)

Now this piece...I'm in love with. & if I had more room in my house (or my husband wouldn't complain) it would be sitting behind my couch making my house look so much better! We found this little gem at Canton Trade Days back in the spring, we thought the details on the top and sides were too pretty not to refinish!
We used Old White (seeing a pattern yet? lol) and distressed it a little to make the details really pop. 
This sofa table would look great in any style of home!

All of these items are still available to purchase at our store, Lemons and Lace Marketplace, in Canton, OK!
Don't miss out on all of these unique pieces!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chippy Mint End Tables

 Mint & Chippy 

A friend saved these sad drawer end tables which had been torn off of an old vanity! 
And of course she called me, because I'm the queen of saying yes to junk! ;)
Here is one of the finished projects..I added repurposed old chippy wainscoting to make into a top.
 The mint just added the perfect texture to this piece! 

I thought they would be perfect as end tables for a small room or apartment! 

I refinished these beauties in French Linen Chalk Paint®, decorative paint by Annie Sloan
You can find these pieces along with a lot more of our pieces at Lemons and Lace Marketplace in Canton, OK. 

I thought the glass knobs added a touch of elegance and didn't over power the piece but 
compliment the beautiful Chalk Paint®. 
All of the paint we use can be found at LLM, or visit Annie Sloan's 
website to find your closest local stockist!

Just check out the before & after photo..they needed saved from that dingy yellow! 

Here is a closer view of the refurbished scrap wood tops. 

Knobs hadn't been added yet..well let me be honest, I'm really picky when it comes to
 knobs so it took me a while to decide on which ones fit the pieces perfectly. 
So I let our follower choose, they I think they picked perfectly!!

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